‘Alone at My Wedding’ (‘Seule a mon mariage’): Film Review

Debuting writer-director Marta Bergman screened her very first feature, about a Romani girl whom becomes a bride that is mail-order into the ACID sidebar at Cannes.

In Marta Bergman’s heartfelt directorial first, Alone within my Wedding (Seule a mon mariage), the marriage described within the name never ever occurs, although being alone is certainly much just what the film is all about.

Carrying out a mail-order that is young — enjoyed gritty allure by newcomer Alina Serban — whom travels from Romania to Belgium to be able to marry an adult man she met on the net, this intimate character study drifts a bit during its two-hour running time, yet stays a keenly noticed look at exactly exactly how wedding can occasionally become more about success than love. Premiering when you look at the Cannes ACID sidebar, the film could see product sales in European countries and event play elsewhere.

Pamela (Serban) is really a Roma girl who lives along with her grandmother and two-year-old daughter in a snow-covered town on the borders of Bucharest. Her parents are dead and there aren’t any job that is real in the region, therefore Pamela — whom looks to stay her early 20s, although her age is not mentioned — demonstrably wants to obtain out of here.

After having a fight with grandma, she chooses to subscribe to an online marriage ceremony that will ideally take her abroad. The series where she’s interviewed by way of a receptionist there, and then comes with a embarrassing skype conversation along with her possible future spouse, is actually pressing and significantly tragic. Continue reading