What Things To Purchase A Lady On Her Birthday Celebration

I’ve been getting plenty of concerns recently by what i’d like for my birthday celebration – 9th of April – whoop whoop! Needless to say, really the only things i’d like are the ones being traceable, ethical and green, but that’s hard for my loved ones and friends who will be purchasing in my situation to understand precisely what i’d like. It all here for ease so I thought I’d put. The following is my 2019 birthday celebration wish list for you too– I hope there are some gift ideas on here!

One thing pretty…

These moonstone earrings are handmade by conservationist Christy in Devon. On her behalf web site she describes: “The birthstone for April is diamond or Clear quartz is thought to bring energy and quality to the intellect, aiding concentration and memory retention, and filtering out distractions”. Continue reading