International Bride as a Fetish and an individual

Steven is really a 60-year-old parking-garage attendant whom lives in a little apartment above a shop into the Northern California suburbs. He’s white, that will be significant because he’s what is politely referred to as a fetish that is asian popularly referred to as yellowish fever. “They’re all therefore stunning,” he states, considering a display of thumbnail pictures of prospective Asian brides.

Into the documentary “Seeking Asian Female,” showing on Monday evening when you look at the PBS “Independent Lens” show, Steven manages to persuade Sandy, a 30-year-old workplace worker from Shenzen, Asia, to come quickly to the usa to marry him. Along with his fortune does end that is n’t. The film’s manager, who becomes immersed in Steven and Sandy’s everyday lives and profoundly implicated within the course that is torturous of relationship, is Debbie Lum, a nice-looking young Chinese-American. Each time a close buddy of Steven’s comes into the apartment to meet up with Sandy, he sees Ms. Lum behind the digital digital camera and exclaims, “You’ve got two of them!”

Ms. Lum suggests that she attempt to profile a person enthusiastic about Asian feamales in purchase to know a sensation which has weighed on her behalf very own life: “I’ve been stared at, hit on and harassed by plenty males like Steven,” she declares. Continue reading