French pupils in Cultural Heritage Exchange take part in Archival just work at Lyndhurst

French pupils, in cooperation with all the French Heritage Society, have already been studying United states social heritage at the Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown come early july. The change system places students that are french america along with US students studying in France. Through their work/study, students from both nations gain an understanding and appreciation of just one another’s tradition.

Julie Bernasconi and Marie Bord, the 2 winning and hard-working French students from L’Ecole du Louvre on work/study funds through the French Heritage Society, have already been busily archiving maps and paintings long-stored at Lyndhurst’s greenhouse solution building. They arrived at any given time as soon as the curators had been doing regular upkeep with this Jay and Helen Gould collection, they diligently completed during their short two-month stay so it fell to Mademoiselles Bernasconi and Bord to clean, catalogue, measure, photograph, check the status of the frames and repackage the artworks in archival material for preservation, all of which.

Bernasconi, hailing from Fontainebleau, and Bord, from Nantes, have now been learning art history and museumology for four years in Paris, having a one-year internship in Leiden, Holland. Marie put on her internship at Lyndhurst because, as she said, “My specialty is with in design and collections. Continue reading