Advantage and disadvantage essay writing IELTS advantages essay that is disadvantages

There wasn’t only one option to try this, needless to say. However the real way i recommend to my IELTS students works very well. Here it is the bottom line is:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Advantages
Paragraph 3: Disadvantages
Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Needless to say, it is perfectly fine to switch paragraphs 2 and 3 should you want to.

Let’s look at the relevant question again:

There is apparently an trend that is increasing assessing students through exams in place of continual assessment. What are the benefits and drawbacks of exams as a kind of assessment?

And now let’s look at the aforementioned structure in a tad bit more detail.

Paragraph 1 = Introduction

  1. Paraphrase the backdrop statement (the sentence that is first)
  2. Say that there are benefits and drawbacks for this

Here’s what I wrote:

These days increasing emphasis is placed on assessing students’ performance through examinations, instead of continual assessment. I really believe that the usage of exams in schools and universities has both positive and implications that are negative.

You will see that We have said you can find pros and cons but I haven’t said what they are. I am going to do this in the body of my essay. Continue reading