Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland .Chapter 12: Alice’s Evidence.

Alice jumps into the White Rabbit’s call into the stand.

She forgets that she’s got grown larger and knocks on the jury stand, then scrambles to place all the jurors back. Alice claims to understand “nothing whatever” in regards to paper writing service the tarts, which the King deems “very important.” The White Rabbit corrects the King, suggesting which he in fact means “unimportant.” The King agrees, muttering the words that is“important “unimportant” to himself.

The King interjects with Rule 42, which states, “All persons more than a mile high to go out of the court.” Everyone turns to Alice, who denies she actually is a mile high and accuses the King of fabricating the rule. The King replies that Rule 42 could be the oldest rule into the book, but Alice retorts that it ought to be the first rule if it is the oldest rule in the book. The King becomes quiet for a moment before calling for a verdict. The White Rabbit interrupts and declares that more evidence needs to be presented first. He presents a paper supposedly published by the Knave, though it’s not printed in the Knave’s handwriting. The Knave refutes the charge, explaining that there is no signature in the document. Continue reading